Are you responsible
for operating of a company in Slovenia?
Are you too much time occupied with things you don`t
handle too good, but too little with those that you master?
Do you have a feeling,
that your business is in »neutral gear« and lacking right direction?
Do you need only
certain - best service, but you have a problem
in broad supply with choosing, deciding, you don`t know who
 to trust and you don`t have time for searching, choosing, supervising…?
Do you have an idea but don`t know how to create a business success?
We would like to give you a hand.
We are offering you whole palette of supporting services
(outsourcing) - one or more specific services or entire partnership.
If you can find yourself in above questions, we imagine VISIUS
 team is the answer, that you have been long looking for. We would
be honoured,  if you give us and yourself, an opportunity to prove this.
  Your VISIUS team
     We`ve translated this site to english – if you wish we can comunicate with you also in english.
VISIUS, družba za pravne in poslovne storitve d.o.o. Pucova 4, SI-3000 Celje   je zaščitena lastnina podjetja VISIUS d.o.o. www.visius.si info@visius.si